Mission statement


USA Taichi Culture Foundation

is created in the public interest to promote and communicate the profound essence of Chinese culture to nurture the community in multiple ways, through the introduction of various traditional cultural contents such as Taichi, Kungfu, Chigong, language and arts education, health improving modalities, and related subjects, so that the community and its individuals can be enriched by a broadened spectrum of resources, for the goal of reaching a balanced and harmonious continual growth.

Board of Directors


Yunjian Zou

Founder and President

Charlie Chan

Vice President

Maria Tzankova



“...take a look at our Foundation’s logo – blue like the sky, because the sky has no limits. Blue like the ocean, because water brings life. Taichi is like water. When water falls, it brings balance to nature. Water can flow and water can crash. This is the shapeless power of Taichi...”

Yunjian Zou Founder and President

“... My vision is to develop this foundation into the epicenter of cultural and educational activities in the community; giving every person, no matter at what age, what race, or where you are from, the opportunity to achieve his or her fullest potential...”

Yunjian Zou Founder and President

“As one of our first projects, we have organized a special training camp for our Tai Chi team to prepare students for the upcoming competition season. Training begins next week.”

Maria Tzankova Secretary

“The USA national team try outs are coming up in a couple of months. The USA Taichi Culture Foundation will support our students for the try outs, and hopefully later in the year attend the second Taichi World Championship. We are planning a-three country collaboration between USA, China and Bulgaria. This would be a great opportunity for international exchange for students across 3 continents.”

Maria Tzankova Secretary

“We realized the importance of early education. That’s why we reached out to the city of Cupertino’s recreation department and will be offering community classes in the spring to students 8 to 12 years old...”

Maria Tzankova Secretary


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